One of the most important decisions an organization can make is the strategy to make the most effective use of its data. We believe that every organization is unique and requires an individualized approach to meet its data management needs.

Our approach to data management begins with a comprehensive and tailored evaluation of an organization’s data including every stage of the development process, followed by on-going database management.

If your organization needs to develop a database, manage an existing database, or wants to more effectively use data, please contact us today.

Our database services include:

  • Data consulting and modeling customized to the distinct needs of your organization
  • Database platform (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle) recommendation
  • Conceptual, logical and physical database design built to be efficient, effective and secure
  • Database implementation and thorough testing
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Backend web development to seamlessly link your site and database
  • Database administration and management
  • Database optimization
  • Data migration
  • End-user support and training